Marketing, branding & community 

Welcome to my portfolio page. It's a mix of the work I've done throughout my career. Scroll down to discover and don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more.

Image and

video editing

I have a vast experience of editing photos and videos for marketing campaigns and branding. From creating banner images for the tinniest of ad slots to videos shown on massive event screens. 

I therefore have a broad understanding of image and video composition and how to make the most of the material you have at hand. 

The videos show rich media ads for casino brands as well as a video edited for large screens at fitness events. 



I have a diverse experience in company branding since I’ve both been at the agency side and the brand side. 

I've worked with client's brand guidelines when creating interactive ads and amongst other worked with H&M, Burger King, Coca Cola and HBO. 

But I've also created brand material such as brand graphics, documentation and brand guidelines. 

The videos show a Burger King ad and a H&M ad as well as a company presentation video.

Social media

I've worked wih various social media channels where I've both planned and made the content to showcase the brand or specific products. Both for the channels as well as ad campaigns. 

Interactive content

I started my career by designing mockups for rich media campaigns which meant that I early on had to think how to make an ad space fun to interact with. 

My degree is in computer games and this helped me think outside of the box and create ads that worked on a range of different devices and with different interactivity depending on the campaign goals and brand expectations. 

Examples from campaigns with Coca Cola and Peugeot.


I have a vast experience of creating content to boozt SEO and increase traffic.

For example I'm responsible for writing brand articles in my current position, as well as optimize websites to get better ranking and have relevant content. 

Read all articles  here and here.

Project and team managment

I've previously led a graphic team where I guided them in the design work and time managed our projects, to make sure that our clients were happy with the work that we produced. 

I'm currently responsible for Swedish events and marketing projects where I have daily contact with our different suppliers and partners and plan as well as supervise the projects.

Personal project:

Sankiti is a fast paced party game for the whole family. You arrive as a champion on the strange planet Nongi with one crucial mission: to retrieve the magical stone Sankiti.